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  1. Anyone have anythoughts on gft, I am not a news trader. I want to see if anyone trades with them and doesnt have to much of a problem. I trade techincally but intraday. So anyhelp would be appreciated thanks
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    I have been with them for 7 years and had no problems. I also trade intraday
  3. thanks, so your happy with the forex? And are you sucessful and find they dont limit your sucess by holding up quotes on dealbook fx?
  4. interesting! 7 years of trading and 7 posts...

    one post a year, maybe it is not important but...

    7 years AND NO PROBLEMS AT ALL????

    it must be the best broker in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  5. i just started with gft a couple months and when you have limits or stop orders they always have slippage even when there is no news . Do you find they give the worst fills ? my last broker cmc had no slippage when there was no news out. gft have a great platform and have no reason for the slippage . Has any one noticed it ?
  6. It's worth checking Order History against EZ View Report and Account History Report, I found quite a few discrepancies when I had an account with GFT (all in their favor).

    Also market orders go into the working orders tab before being filled. Across data and other volatile times they can sit there for a while as price is moving, you can't cancel them and you end up getting filled at whatever price a dealer decides :eek:

    Mind you this was a couple of years ago, things may have changed.
  7. the only reason i am with them is they are a solid company and in these times that helps. Also they have a great platform . You can put in a buy stop and then cover both sides in the same execution . With cmc they could only cover 1 side. its weird I searched this site and no one complains about them . Maybe I was spoilt by CMC .
  8. I agree, CMC's orders suck, in fact their whole platform is garbage compared to some others!

    They've just added a new charting package this last couple of days, slightly better than the old one but not nearly as good as MT4.