GFT. anyone actually trade with them?

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  1. Hi surf

    Unfortunately they hold all the aces and don't appear accountable to anyone, none of these are compliance issues apparently.

    The blotter/report discrepancy they said "it would be better if price filled was not included in the Order History" but they made no effort to rectify the issue. I know it's only one pip but they all add up over time.
    Blotter: [​IMG]
    Report: [​IMG]

    The slippage they say is price movement between me placing the order and it being received by their server.

    The delay getting orders filled across news they say is slightly longer than it should be because it's a busy time (understandable I guess but 4 minutes is pushing it a bit, done to discourage scalpers probably)

    And the 'Insufficient Funds' message they say is a bug in pre 9.9 software. Give them their due they did credit the account with 3 pips as a 'goodwill gesture' which was the difference in price between closing the long and opening a short.

    If it was up to me I would move the account but it's not my decision, and then who do you go with? GFT aren't the worst I've come across but they're far from perfect.

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