GFT. anyone actually trade with them?

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  1. i have noted a serious heavy marketing campaign by this firm.

    their platform is very well layed out and intuitive, however, does anyone here actually trade with them?

    i would like to see the dealbook platform combined with an MB trading 0-2 pip spread commission based model. this would certainly be the best situation for retail FX. any thoughts?

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    Yes I do trade with them for the past 5-6 years, and a very satisfied customer.

  3. thanks! anyone else?

  4. Surf, I've only traded FX thru GFT and have never had a problem with them. Even strangling orders ahead of econ reports get decent to exact fills.

    Have used DealBook, it's good but would prefer quicker platform like TradeMaven or Ninja software. That said, GFT is an excellent choice for retail FX (imo)

  5. thanks austin. the analytics, etc on the platform are definately the best thing available for free in the FX world. if they would just go to the commission 1/2 spread model, i think their customer base would skyrocket.

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    Also use them for some of my trading and no real complaints. Occasional requote happen but are doable. Only thing I dislike is they close your trade at rollover and reopen it at a new level. This way you pay a little in settlement costs while having open trades for a long time and you lose track of the original price you entered. But must say they are quite decent overall. Spreads are a bit wide though.

  7. they close your trade at rollover and reopen it? is this standard in the FX world? seems odd to me.


  8. What I don't understand about GFT is why their blotters do not reflect EZ View Reports.

    For example yesterday the Order History blotter which I have up all the time showed I was filled at 1.8877 but then when I checked the EZ View Report at the end of the day it showed I was filled at 1.8878, a pip in their favor. I had noticed minor discrepancies in balance a few times before but put it down to rollover, it seems that wasn't the case.

    I've also noticed frequent slippage even in the most quiet market conditions, for example I'll click a price and get filled one or two pips away, again in their favor.

    Another thing I've found is the delay of anything up to 4 minutes to fill an order across news/data release and unlike say CMC you can't cancel the pending order.

    It's also worth making sure you have the latest version of the platform, pervious versions had a bug that would tell you there were insufficient funds to reverse a position!

  9. ....not to mention reversing trades, but never a losing one strangely enough!


  10. have you questioned them about the above? wonder what they say about these issues.


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