Getting Yahoo News Automatically using a hot key???

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  1. Hi there, i wasn't sure where to post this so i guess i'll try here. I trade fairly actively and need would like to be able to maybe program a hot key or something like that so that i can just hit say "alt - U" or something like that and Yahoo News will show me news for the stock in my level 2 box. I know i can click on the yahoo box and do this manually but sometimes i am too busy. I hope this makes sense, any software i can buy? download? anything would be quite helpful.

    thank you in advance
  2. esignal has a service where you just click beside the symbol in the quote window and the news comes up. first 30 days are free
  3. so does q charts. its free with the data feed. you can setit so news pops up for every symbol as soon as you click on the symbol.
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    An easy thing to do is set up a "keyword" in Firefox. I have mine set so "yf gm" pulls up the Yahoo Finance news for GM. Once you get used to using the keyboard, it's pretty fast to alt-tab to firefox, ctrl-L, keyword and bring up the news.
  5. Yahoo RSS feeds w/ keywords would work
  6. hi and thanks for all the advice, i have Esignal but sometimes yahoo has more news than they give me, a perfect example is when someone's on a conference call, yahoo reports it as being in progress and esignal will have some news bit about it 1/2 the time. Not so fun when you realize you have a couple thousand shares and the reason you're getting killed is cause there's a conference call going on lol

    What are the Yahoo RSS feeds or whatever that was? how can i use that?

    thanks again!