getting to the bottom of damir00's "random" entry trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. i don't care who is saying what or what is being said. if facts support something, i'm open to the idea.

    after looking at damir00's journal, it appears he is making money with what he calls "random" entries. for the record, i am not against trading that waits for specific setups or a random entry, if it works. there are many ways to trade. who would be against anything that works?!

    anyway, my point of this thread is not to argue with damir00. his "random entry..." turned into a bunch of useless bickering. i tried reading the 90 pages in damir00's journal and i still don't really know what he's doing. i know scaling in/out is part of how he trades and i'm pretty sure he's not afraid to add to a loser. i think he also uses time stops.

    well if damir00 doesn't want to spell it out for us, i was thinking we could figure out what he's doing in this thread. i want to know what he's doing and why it works, if it does. i'm sure there are others with an interest, too.
  2. we can start with some interesting statements by damir00:
    which is???
    i agree with him somewhat on this. it does seem true that just about any point could be a successful long or short trade. it's when you exit that determined if it was profitable or not. of course, there are occasions when the market will move from a point and not look back (at least not for a while and sometimes possibly never again).

    again, i'm not here to say what he does works or not. if it does, i want to know why. that is the point of this thread.
  3. here's an interesting exchange from another thread: