Getting started

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by EventHorizon, May 20, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I have traded stocks a bit here and there in the past, but only for the long term. I want to explore the world of automated trading and see if I can find any interesting opportunities. I have solid mathematical background and I am a programmer. I have basic financial knowledge, but I am no financial expert.
    Basically I need 3 things: software, data and information(what is already known and published)
    At first I just want to experiment. I can't know in advance if I find anything or not. So I prefer whatever software and data I can get for free or at most for a small fee.
    If this gets serious, I will probably write the software I need myself, but at first I want to use what already exists.
    I have no particular preference for a particular market, so any historical data I can get for free is welcome.
    The third thing is information. Obviously people are not going to share methods that work, and I think that people who claim to share/sell methods that work for daily trading should be viewed with suspicion. Still there are probably some things that people figured out and published. At the very least, these should include what doesn't work and maybe have some hints as to what might. Information on option pricing might also be useful. I will be glad to get any useful information.