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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by aobima, May 6, 2004.

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    I'm 26. Have a good job, good pay and benefits etc. Well educated. I've trading for ten years now just using my own personal account doing my own research etc with good results. I have no prop trading experience and I realize it's a totally different ball game but I do believe I have some good skills to offer. Dedication being one of them.

    I'm wondering, in general, how long can a person be a trader and where, as a career can it progress? Do you just get better and better eventually making more money? Does this experience count for obtaining future employment with a financial firm? What does an above average trader gross in a month before the firm takes their cut?

    I have an opportunity to join swifttrade. While it seems very exciting, I'm wondering if it's a short term stint with no real long term prospects. Where does a person go from here?? Can you learn and then trade at home for years to come?? Any input appreciated. If anyone works for SwiftTrade, can you tell what their average to above average trader will gross in a month.

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  3. There is not much training on offer really at ST. You just force yourself to learn because you won't get paid for four months. If you have the cash available forget about ST and struggle on your own. If you don't have the cash get on board the Hungarian express, they hire everyone, no matter what they tell you.

    Good luck
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    There are very little prospects that come from daytrading. For the ones who don't make it, they go back to the employee-employer world and start over. For the ones who do make it, why stop? Think of it as starting your own business.

    As far as income levels, I've seen all ends of the spectrum. I've seen guys make over 100 000 a month consistently and I've seen guys work at this for years and not make a dime. Take your mind into the world of an entrepreneur. There is no more "if you work hard at this, then you will succeed" Doesn't work that way. (although hard work is still necessary, it does not guarantee results.)

    good luck
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    Does SwiftTrade have big turnover?
  6. There have been a bunch of posts about Swift Trade...check them out...

  7. There's no one at ST making over $100 000 a month consistenty except maybe the owners.
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    Oh god no, you're there for life!