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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by blumartian, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Can anyone describe the "must have" hotkeys for intraday equities? For example, do you normally need individual keys for each ecn, or is that overkill? Help me build my list beyond the following:

    G - Hit bid (-.02 limit)
    H - Lift offer (+.02 limit)
    F - Join Best bid
    J - Join Best Offer
    Q - Close position (market)


  2. what happened to tech support? i think you made a wrong turn.. save yourself the grief..
  3. sun170


    why dont you just copy another traders settings??????
  4. I don't mean how to set them up, just which keys are essential that might not have occurred to me.
  5. jtnet


    depends which market and which equity traded. safe bet is usually arca for nyse especially.

    i used the autoExec keys alot, easiest and safer than using markets.
  6. call your group leader... what group did you join , stuck already, your off to a good strart, your screwed..
  7. Don't be mad because I didn't take you up on your offer. Try not using all caps when you pm your next mark.
  8. sun170


    What markets are you trading? NYSE or NAZ?? or both??
  9. Both NYSE and nasdaq. Is a separate set of keys for each required?
  10. FCCT


    Depends on your style.

    Should always program at least 2-3 different market routes incase one is down. Bid/Offer, Limit Buy/Sell, Market Buy/sell. Arca or Island/smart/nyse is plenty.

    The micro scalpers will have almost every availiable route programmed, you end up using all your F keys, with all Shift, Crtl and Alt combinations, those 50 keys become second nature after several thousand trades.

    I find using F1 to F4 the quickest with enter key as confirmation. Esc as cancel pretty convienent.

    Start out with bid and offer Arca, then add to it as you see fit.
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