Getting started on the right foot!! Expert advice needed!!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by MrGameTheory, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone, I have been investing online over the last few months and have learned a good deal of information and ready to take it to the next level. There are several important questions that I have that I feel would also help other new investors, I would appreciate the insight of established traders who have been through the trenches and have taken the pepsi challenges across the boards.

    The goal is to become the best possible online trader imaginable.

    1) Currently I use for my online trades and wanted to change my online trading account to the best valued online trader. Currently I pay a fee when I buy more than 1000 trades at a time and was wondering what the best sites or programs are where I can abvoide this cost, pay the least per trade, not worry aboout the company going bancrupt, having priority when my trades are made so the price I buy or sell it at is the price it is bought or purchased at etc. I would also like to buy stocks within 1/10 of a penny for penny stocks if there is even a service that does this. I would like to fund the account with $5000 to start.

    2) What is the best program or site to get truely live stock quotes. I use and have to continually reload and open new windowms and I am sick of it. Is there a service I have to be a member of or a site to go to, etc.

    3) How do you buy futures? After the markets close I notice that there are still trades of stocks going on up until 8 PM EST and I was wondering how to be able to trade in pre and after market trading. Also, do you automatically recieve funds from trades you sell?

    4) What is the best site to be able to organize the most volital stocks of the day and the most declining and rising stocks of the day.

    5) What is the best site for updated stock news that is reliable.

    Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate your time and look forward to your answers. :D