Getting started in web design / graphic design

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  1. I'm interested in learning more about designing web pages and graphic design. I understand that Adobe is king here, so what would you recommend for someone new to this? Just not even sure where to start... For example, Adobe's website has quite a few programs available, but not sure what is recommended to 'get your feet wet' and not feel overwhelmed.

  2. Learn XHTML and javascript has great tutorials, and you can "program" all the code in notepad. save html files as .html and javascript files as .js

    CSS isn't too bad to learn either.

    Xhtml is taking over HTML with the new whole XML structure...Its been so long sinse I followed any of this stuff, but xhtml and html are basically the same.

  3. There's two different things here. The design aspect and the web page production.

    For pure graphic design with vector graphics e.g. to create logos etc. Adobe Illustrator is the tool of choice.

    Then to work with bitmap images e.g. photos or to combine graphics and layers etc. Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice.

    Then, to incorporate your graphic design into a web page, there are dozens of tools, but from Adobe, the main product offering fitting this role is Adobe Dreamweaver.

    This lets you develop produce pages using either WYSIWYG tools or by editing raw HTML/XHTML. You can then incorporate graphics produced from other software.

    There's a lot more to it but this is some top level information on the Adobe tools and how they might fit into a workflow.
  4. Thanks guys, that helps a lot. Just getting my feet wet here, so looking for advice.

    I appreciate it!
  5., great little program, does a lot of the stuff the high end programs can do-maybe a bit easier to use or learn on, thats the idea anyway.
    Oh, and FREE.

    Or you could check out the "GIMP",

    also FREE, (high end) and the various user forums have info about the various plugins and whatnot specifically for webpages etc.

    I never had any luck with them though, cant get my head around it (vector graphics) , particularly being a painter-not the same at all.
    Mind you, opening the program and hoping the image will magically do what you want with a couple of random clicks might not be the best approach.