Getting Started in T-Bond Futures - Does Technical Analysis Work in This Market?

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  1. I traded ZN today for the first time - and I kind of like it. Most folks on this board are obsessed with ES. ZN seems so thick, so slow, and very choppy. I use trendlines to trade ES and it seems that using trenlines on ZN is pretty much a losing proposition if trading intraday. I'm wondering if there are any other trend indicators work better? Or is this market so choppy intraday that its best to countertrend trade for a few ticks at a time by selling only at the ask and buying only at the bid.
  2. My take on the choppy intraday movement of this market is that its really not as speculative as the stock market. There seems more global macro players here that make decisions based on economic fundementals - so you only really get big moves when the economic data gets released. Whereas in the stock market and index futures - you'll have a bunch a players betting large on the rumor of the day or because some technical indicator gave a signal.
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    This is the best market in the world if you know what you're doing -- blows away the ES. ZB is my bread and butter.There are quite a few misguided posts about this market -- especially concerning trading the b/a spread.

    In fact I have to now get one of those CBOT IDEM electronic leases to offset my voluminous exchange fee costs. Take note that the CME is ripping us off w/ exchange fees of $2.32 per contract while the electronic bonds are $1.06 per contract. W/ the lease I think I can get it down to .45 cents or so. CBOT metals have zero exhange fees till year end.
  4. Phil,
    How much is the tick on ZN ?
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  7. If I remember correctly, leasing a GIM
    membership (not available for purchase)-- would give you access to
    futures only on US Treasury products.
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    I really don't know. It seems like this lease is the biggest secret in the futures community.

    Thanks for the info.
  9. What's the mystery?

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