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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by huby, Aug 14, 2001.

  1. huby


    With the new SEC rule there has been a lot of talk of smaller traders making the move to trading futures. There seems to be a lot less info out there on trading futures than stocks. Can anyone recommend some good books and/or websites to help get started? Thanks.
  2. Getting started too. Papertrading now. My question is: it seems relatively easy to momentum scalp emini NQ for 3-7 points with a 2 point stop. What kind of slippage should I expect, I do it mostly on the long side, when trading is pretty fast.

    Not able to do it well live with the QQQ going for dimes and quarters with a dime mental stop, 3 NQ points = about 10 cents. Bidding won't get you in if the move is significant. Taking the offer can cause you to pay too much. Often Q's will move ahead by 3-5cents or so (sometimes stall and then take off in a flash). So with the NQ when up 1 point I am still up after comm. one point is like 3 cents with the Q's. That's the spread and if I get out even I am lucky.

    As for the books, after some research, it seems the best books are "Getting started in Futures trading" (4th Ed just came out), for strategies: Street Smarts, Connors books (both very expensive), Gary Smith books, Crabel book(out of print), L. Williams LT secrets to ST trading seems OK. Also the 2 Schwager on Futures are nice to have I guess.