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    Hey Folks,

    sorry if this is the wrong place for a noob, but I didn't find any section more suitable.

    I am a German, currently living in Ningbo, China. I want to start trading, though I m not a total noob on this, I still lack of some advice how to get started from China. Hell, I don't even know if its possible to do it from here. I would like to know if anyone here has prior experience about this. Primarily which brokers accept customers living outside of the US, and stuff like that. I want to tap into simple stocktrading first to get my skills up, and later go into daytrading in stocks and options.

    Any advice is welcome.

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    any brokers in US will accept you as US non-resident you have to fill a form w8en which is for foreigners. trading US equities from china is possible. I have friend who is running a prop firm for day trading US stocks.
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    i am a us citizen living in china. i have had no problems whatsoever with ib or other brokerages.

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    Any one has information on prop firms trading US stocks in Shanghai?
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    Ningbo has good internet connection, you should have no problem trading online.

    Check out , they have an office in Hong Kong.
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    If you are in China shouldn't you try and trade Chinese stocks. They must have more potential than US stocks. If you cannot open a chinese brokerage account then IB will let you trade Hong Kong stocks.
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    well being able to trade local stocks is a given...just wondering if any prop shops also facilitate trading US stks...
  8. internet is available in China and it is not very stable in a lot of places.

    And while it may be ok for web browsing, sometimes there is a serious lag for software such as eSignal and Tradestation.

    I live in HK and need to travel to many cities (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Ningbo, etc). Sometimes the lag is very serious in the hotel.

    And if the connection is not good, it may be hard for u to find an alternative since broadband providers hv near monopoly in their turfs.

    So in case you hv a laptop and hv NOT rented an apartment yet, I suggest you to bring your laptop with u and test the speed on the field before renting a flat.
  9. Take a look at the grey market.

    I hear China has a grey mkt for stocks.
    I was in Russia 1990-1994 (on and off for business).
    I daytraded in the grey mkt. :)
    If it's anything like back then in Russia..

    wild wild west
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