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Discussion in 'Trading' started by darkhorse, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. For those of you trading the big liquid names, how frequently are you not able to get shorts on because the stock can't be located? Looking for a few opinions on how big a problem this is or whether it's even an issue...again talking big liquid names only, not low volume thin stuff
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    This was a recurring problem when I was with CyberTrader, and I'm talking very liquid stocks like NVDA. I bugged them constantly, was always told that things would be better soon. Finally late last fall they worked an arrangement to borrow shares from Schwab (gee, Schwab had owned them for a year and a half and they finally got around to it...), also said they would get on Penson (their clearing house) to have more shorting inventory available. I think things have improved there, don't know for sure as I gave up on them for that and other reasons.
  3. darkhorse-
    when I was with TerraNova they almost always had shares for the liquid names. I think the oly one I was never able to get was KKD.
    oh and I wanted to short LVLT was it was 7 or so, couldn't get it....and I had good info at the time and missed the ride to a buck and biggie
    other than that Terranova seems so have most shares