getting serious: wealth-lab vs amibroker

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  1. i am ready to back-test my system... it seems like amibroker and wealth-lab can both do what i need...

    which should i choose?

    any other packages that can do good backtesting with candlestick-based strategies?

    i will be learning the programming slowly but surely... im not pressed for time.


    i suppose excel is a possibility as well but it seems that these two packages might be a better fit...
  2. very interested in anyone's coments who have experience with these platforms or experience with these vs. excel... thanks.
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    If you want to get serious about developing trading strategies you should look at TradersStudio. It can do portfolio level backtesting and optimization and you can code dynamic money management. The language is a cross between VBA and EasyLanguage. In addition our 3D candlesticks charts might interest you.

    If you want to take a look at an overview of TradersStudio you can see it here.
  4. I've used wealthlab and tradestation, I prefer the speed of tradestation but the ease of use of wealthlab. The output from wealthlab I also think is better, at least it's clearer and if you use the portfolio simulator there are some detailed stats.

    Also, tradestation is very difficult to use with multiple positions in the same system. It's much easier to do in wealthlab.

    I've never used amibroker, I can't comment on it. Note you can use wealthlab's web site for testing end of day systems on common stocks/etfs.

  5. diligent, what kind of features are important to you and will you be needing?
  6. Unless you do not live in the US, or you have Fidelity as a broker, you can't buy WL (legally that is, and it's keyed to a machine)
  7. i will look into tradersstudio, but i would feel more comfortable with trying it if it was reviewed in the software section of ET and received overwhelmingly positive ratings like both wealth-lab and amibroker have.

    i will be using open, high, low, close of previous bars and then intraday data for entries and exits...

    amibroker, wealth-lab and excel, for that matter, should have no problem with this imo...
  8. lindq


  9. i am considering opening an account with fidelity for this very reason (wealth-lab).

    investor R/T looks interesting as well...

    does anyone have thoughts on whose discussion boards are more helpful in regards to these products?

    thanks for any responses :)
  10. anyone else? do this few people actually backtest?

    thanks again for any and all responses...
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