getting rid of grey area in excel charts

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    Can anyone help me to get rid of second or third grey background in excel charts, as seen in my attached picture? I am not talking about the background of where the chart is, but the frame, the dark grey background around it. I have done extensive searched on manuals and internet, but found nothing.
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  2. I make a snapshot of the spreadsheet then paste snapshot into Microsoft Paint. I then copy and paste the part of the graph that I want into a new picture and save as a jpeg.
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    Well, thank you, but that is not the problem I was referring to. I am talking about getting rid of that area within excel. It's not a matter of getting a nice picture, but rather of how excel works.
  4. Those gray areas would be your margins.

    File - Page Setup - Margins --> Left = 0, Right = 0


    File - Page Setup - Chart --> Use full page
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    Thanks for the advice. It does improve things a little bit, but it didn't solve the problem.

    The only way I could find to solve this problem is by going home, using my Excel 2002, US English settings, (vs. Excel 2003, Italian settings, at work), and simply open the file. The chart opened up "full screen" (no grey frame). Then I saved it, sent it back to work, and here's what it looks like (just as fine) - see attached picture.

    Mind you, I went and checked the Margins, and the margins are 2 everywhere, even on the chart with no frame (I point out to you that the zoom choice is grayed out), even though as you advised it does specify on "chart" to use the full page.
  6. hi travis, is it possible to create a chart with streaming prices from sources like Bloomberg and plotting it into a chart??

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    Well, yes, all you need is a web site that gives you new data, and then you can make Excel chart whatever you want. You could even have Excel plot a chart based on the temperatures in a given city, or the wind, as long as the web site keeps giving you new data.
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    The grey border is the colour in your Windows settings for a window background. This will apply if you create the chart on a separate sheet by default. If you do this, it creates a chart sheet and you have no control over the background.

    However, if you put the chart onto a worksheet, you can then format the cells to any background colour you want. So, create a worksheet, create the chart and tell it to put the chart on your new sheet, and then format the cells on the sheet to whatever (using the cells formatting option).
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    Thank you. I don't completely agree, because my thing worked with the first method, that is, by creating a chart a new sheet, and not by dragging a chart on an existing sheet and customizing it. The (second) picture is there to prove it.
  10. Try View menu, Sized with Window...

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