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  1. Attached is an indicative example of trading results from a while back, theres more, but my real question is how can such results lead to funding? Whats the best way to start, prop trading or start a hedge fund (in which case how to publish and have results noticed?), or apply for a job at a bank or hedgefund (and try to fit into 'their culture & rules') it all seems like a lot of rigmarole and a potential distraction to the business of trading. Any help greatly appeciated.
  2. results - I can't attach the file for some reason, they showed a 300% profit, over 2 years, trading equity futures on a daily basis
  3. Awesome results, trade it yourself!
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    Results have nothing to do with funding

    Results have nothing to do with funding

    Everyone seeking funding has great results. Otherwise you wouldn't think you could manage opm

  5. Are the results you refer to from back testing, paper trading or real trading? If from real trading, are they scalable? Will trading with the kind of money a firm would require modify the market so much that it would no longer be attractive?
  6. As from your first post, you don't seem to want to work for banks or hedge funds, and you are trading futures, I would move to Chicago and knock on every futures trading firm's door there.
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    Your results are from real trading, right?
    If not, you're basically wasting our time ;)

    What's the risk-adjusted return?
    What's your edge (in one sentence)?

  8. Start an emini signal thread.
  9. They are real trading results, real money 60k to 200k USD. Yes, they are scalable, they were European equity futures. No, larger amounts of money would not modify the market.
  10. Yes, they are real trades. The maximun drawdown was about 15%, the model was based on correlations and trading ranges between european equity futures.
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