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  1. I recently became a registered CTA approved for trading futures and forex.

    With a very limited budget I looked around hard for inexpensive options.

    All the lawyers I talked to were asking for minimum $5000.

    I ended up using Dennis at If anyone is interested in getting registered as a CTA(including disclosure document and Advisor procedures) for less than half the price of what others are quoting, can contact him.

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    $5000 is very good if they really do everything and do it well. The guy I normally recommend that is also an admin. charges more like $12K
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  3. If >10K is the norm, then I would definitely recommend talking to Dennis.

    My total cost which included fees and study guides for series 3 and 34 exams, forming a company, $2500/year to NFA for being registered as a forex firm and consulting fees for Dennis was less than $6,000.
  4. The whole thing was only $6k. How did it work out?

    What are your ongoing/annual fees?
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  6. MattZ

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    If you guys contact me, I would gladly give you a person I consider thorough and highly knowledgeable at reasonable prices. The initial costs could add up, however staying organized for your audits is key.

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    Just saw this thread and i am also a registered CTA for 7 years now, although my primary income is as a commodity broker / VP at cannon trading. feel free to contact me with any questions, I will be happy to share info from my experience as a CTA and resources i use.
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