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    i've been running some simulations on historical forex data, but in order to test my hypotheses in real-time i need some data that i'm currently missing. i would like to get my hands on EUR/USD price data from June 2005 to present, preferably on a variety of intervals (1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes).

    i paid for access to historical FOREX data through

    but the provider only provides updates quarterly, i.e. i would have to wait until the end of september to get this last quarter's data. i haven't tried contacting the guy who runs the site yet, as i suspect there are better alternatives of which i am currently unaware.

    i am also interested in a reliable FOREX price data stream since i'm currently using a "free" price data stream that occasionally doesn't poll successfully. i am only interested in the FOREX price data right now, so i don't want any other data feeds bundled with it.

    i would appreciate any suggestions you can provide along either of these avenues.

    thx for reading
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    i really should have mentioned that the file format i will ultimately need is CSV.

    yeah, i saw that when i searched the archives a bit, but i don't know how or if i can convert it to CSV format. if i have either a copy of Metastock or TS can i convert these data files to CSV format?
  4. Yes you can convert them to CSV, because TS can export them to TXT, which can be read by Excel. From there you can save it in any format supported by Excel.