getting really worried about neiderhoffer

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  1. the guy hasnt posted in a month. he usually disappears when in a drawdown.
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    I used to always have to remind my 8 and 5 year old to worry about themselves and not their brother/sister. Brandon worries about Brandon, Lexi worries about Lexi. They are catching on, its great.
  3. Who cares about him. I would almost venture a guess that Neiderhoffer is stock trad3r. They both think the market only goes up.
  4. MarketSurfer has him chained up in his "dungeon of love".
  5. He's probably busy counting how many people playing checkers wearing blue hats riding on elephants on days the SP500 moves within 1 sigma of its average over the last 38 days coincides with a 6% rally when one finds a plant biologist surfing on a yellow surfboard reading a backyard BBQ book.

  6. LOL

    watch out or you'll get banned for talking about the nobility around here
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    I thought smurf spilled the beans on VN. His fund got shut down.
    Knowing how wrong smurf usually is, VN probably is having a record winning month and his fund is up 500 % this year.
  8. Even more concerning surf hasn't ridden to his defense. He is a smart trader (Neiderhoffer), that doesn't always do it in this game.
  9. VIC please come back! i need your permabullishness to counter my permabearishness!!!
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    :D :D :D !
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