Getting really frustrated, can't find a fully featured UK trading platform

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  1. That's lot cheaper than saxo bank ..any issue with execution and what order types available?
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  2. SaxoBank has some features I wanted, can't remember what now though, but I couldn't justify moving to Saxo because of the cost. Would have cost me 2 to 3k a year in charges if I remember right. Not sure why Saxo charges so much and with no way to reduce costs by regular trading.

    Execution speed is great, I can't complain there. Only time I have issues is like anywhere else, when small caps are really volatile.

    Apart from quotes you can get (just gonna copy n paste this):

    Limit execute & eliminate – an order which executes as much of a trade as possible at a specified market price. If there aren’t enough shares available at the specified level to fill the order, the maximum possible number of shares are executed and the rest of the order is cancelled.

    Limit day – an order which executes once the market price reaches a specified level. If it isn’t filled by the end of the trading day, the order will expire.

    Market day – an order which executes immediately in full if enough shares are available. If not, the maximum possible number of shares are executed and the rest of the order remains outstanding until the end of the trading day. This order type is unrestricted by price.

    Stop market day – a market day order which executes in full when a specific price (the stop level) is surpassed. If there aren’t enough shares available, the rest of the order remains outstanding until the end of the trading day. This order is often used for locking in profits or limiting losses.
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    What about admiral markets?!

    They offer accounts for cfd trading as well as real stocks.

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    Why don't you trade the real market instead of come shady OTC cfd's?
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    There is 0.5% stamp duty on the real market.
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  6. Can you post a link confirming that? Thanks.
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  8. Doing a bit of catch up this morning. Seems ODX is on SETSqx (Non CCP)

    List of SETSqx NON CCP securities - updated weekly

    Fired a query off to IB about it. ProRealTime does have ODX, so wondering what would happen if I connected an IB account to it. Could I not trade it then. PRT is pricey too, would be around 100 EU or more per month just for the subscription.
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  9. I'll take a look at Admiral and see what's on offer there. Doing the rounds again this morning. There's always something missing it seems.

    Waiting for my Fineco bank account to finish setup this morning. Easily the most convoluted and out of date setup out of any platform so far. Had about 4 or 5 different codes texted for different parts of the setup.

    Just want a look at their trading platform, but generally not keen on dealing with customer service outside of the UK. Personal experience of European companies is basically charm you until they get your money then ignore you when there's a problem.

    By contrast I messaged IG yesterday asking about claiming for a failed trade when their system went down on Thursday. They replied within an hour and said yes of course, send in the details.

    Was actually shocked. Expected a fob off, so +1 for customer service there.
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  10. For shares I use DEGIRO a Dutch platform that trades on most exchanges -message me
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