Getting really frustrated, can't find a fully featured UK trading platform

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  1. Can you trade US and Europe stocks through their platform ? how much commision they charge for US stocks ?
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  2. Just tried a 1 share dummy quote for Apple Inc, looks like no commission for US stocks. UK is £3.

    Tried the same for Continental AG there, gave me a 10 Euro Charge. Ouch, bit pricey to trade the German exchange from IG.
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  3. What is called the platform that you can place orders for international stocks like German and US market ? IG Shares means stocks or CFD ? i'm not clear on that.

    A friend is looking to open account with either IG or Saxo Bank,,, thanks for Info
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  4. You can place orders on the Share Dealing account for US, UK, EU shares (maybe more markets too).

    You can get direct quotes on the Share Dealing account for the UK market.

    You can trade instantly on all markets on the CFD account.

    SaxoBank I think was too expensive for me, but the platform looked good if I remember. Will go back for another look at it.
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  5. I never traded CFD, you mean in CFD account, you can buy stock or is it Stock CFD? because i heard CFDs are very risky to trade
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  6. You wouldn't own any stock in the CFD account, I just meant CFDs on listed companies to be clearer sorry.

    I don't trade CFDs either, though I'm considering using it to short if the whole market turns bearish after lockdown.
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  7. That means IG doesn't offer stock trading if i understood correctly
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  8. It does, in the Share Dealing account.

    They have many account types

    Share Dealing
    Spread Betting

    and more.
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  9. Do they have $15 minimum charge for each stock trade ? that's very high.
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  10. That info looks out of date, it's currently £8 for a UK trade, but drops to £3 if you trade more than twice in the previous month. Then US trades also become free if you've done those 3 trades in the previous month too.
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