Getting really frustrated, can't find a fully featured UK trading platform

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  1. Oh yes that could work, I trade shares with IG at the moment, and I could just use the PRT features and not actually trade from it. That's looking like my best option. Just need to poke around PRT's packages, maybe see if there's a trial for premium or whatever.

    Cheers, getting somewhere here!
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  2. qwerty11


    IB is an UK platform...
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    If you are in the UK you get an account with IB UK. No dollars involved...
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  5. Alright checking it out again, maybe was a cookie issue on my browser!

    I have that TWS application downloaded in paper trading mode. Doesn't show stocks like ODX on FTSE AIM though. Do they not do AIM on IB?
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  6. ZBZB


    Pro real-time is free if you do a certain amount of trades at ig.
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    I don't see the stock in their list (for the 4 UK exchanges) so maybe no. Was expecting that they offered all UK stocks, but maybe not...
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    Maybe it has to do with this (quote from IB site):

    AIM securities and Fixed Interest market securities not traded on SETS or SETSqx trade on SEAQ, the LSE's non-electronically executable quotation service.

    Maybe they don't offer SEAQ
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  9. can You trade US stocks with IG ? and is IG the biggest broker in UK ?
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  10. Yes I can trade US stocks, but I can't get a direct market quote for equities, would have to be a limit or market order.

    Can trade quickly in their CFD account though.

    Still a bit unhappy with the situation. Really isn't anything fully featured in the UK, with a modern UI and decent prices. Been at this all day again, going to take a break from it. Maybe look to some trader websites which have Level 2 and screener subscriptions.
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