Getting ready to short this market

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by oddiduro, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Dow looks bloated, forming a triple top on weekly charts

    Bearish divergence on some indicators
  2. m_c_a98


    looking at the 200 Day EMA(which I believe holds more weight), I see no breakout; yet.
  3. JT47319


    Why fight the tape? The trend is your friend.

    Don't try and pick a top, wait until it actually hits resistance and some sort of bearish confirmation.
  4. m_c_a98


    Let me preface that I have no position in equity indexes either way at this time.

    But here they are as of 10:40am 04/07/03 just for kicks.
  5. lundy


    same here, i'm buying QQQ puts today, maybe hold for a week.
  6. prox


    yeah you're right, I was looking at the SMA..

    Dec and Jan downtrend line is broken on SPX and INDU, pending the close.

  7. Good call odd-whatever....

    boys try to guess direction, men catch tops and bottoms.

    also... you know it's time to short when.... everybody and their mother and their dog is long... BWAHAHAHA
  8. which trend?
  9. qdz3


    Who said short! Traitors.

  10. And if Baghdad falls in the next few days, then what?
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