Getting out of jury duty for not being "of sound mind and good moral character" ?

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  1. Anybody ever checked the "Not being of sound mind and good moral character" box to get out of jury duty ? What was the outcome ?
  2. If the description fits...

    Works for me...

    Had to get a written statement from a physician to support that...

    Actually I wasn't expecting the physician to explain my mental, emotional status...

    The Feds were expecting me to drive 4 hours each day RT or pay for my own hotel room. Too sick anyway. Would have been interesting though, if it were only a short time and not drag on like some cases.
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    In your case just check the "Stupid" box. :D

    Seriously though I don't think virtually anyone other than a deployed serviceman or someone genuinely bed ridden should be able to get out of jury duty.

    Part of our judicial systems problems stem from the fact that very few productive intelligent citizens ever sit on a jury.
  4. Whats your opinion if I claim not of good moral character ?
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    Ever consider just doing your civic duty, so someone else doesn't have to do it for you?

  6. Summer is the busiest time of year for my business,I am not giving up my income for 9 bucks a day ,fuck that

    You know I'm pretty biased on a lot of issues so it would be best for me not to serve on a jury anyway
  7. If they replaced my loss income I might consider it
  8. Because it is not cost effective for intellegent productive citizens. Now if I get tapped and they are willing to pay me my professional rate, then Im all for it. Otherwise I am going to purposefully fail the interview so I can get outta there. Yep, I hate niggers, spics, kikes, wops, dingos, faggots and most of all, whitey!! Power to the people, kennedy was a commie! I get high everyday, just drank a fifth this morning:D :D
  9. Simply checking that box won't get you out of serving. It might even draw attention to you.

    Not much can save you here unless you are disabled and a physician sends a statement to the court. And even then they make substantial accommodations to better include the disabled to serve.

  10. It won't work.

    Not that I've tried that.

    A former coworker tried just that....and got to be jury foreman on a murder trial that lasted a couple months.

    A way out of it would be to drive your car off a cliff, or rob a bank I suppose.
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