Getting long EURUSD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Rickshaw Man, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Bought 100k long position @1.1688, sentiment is awfully, US- CPI & PPI next week will show a big drop in inflation. This will cause speculation the Fed is about done. I want to be long EURUSD.

    From the technical side the weekly chart has sliced thru its rising 200 day ma. A nice divergence in my indicator as well.

    Stop placed @ 1.1550

  2. Risky bet... but what else would you expect from the Riskshaw man?

    The jobs report didn't show a drop in inflation, why would you expect PPI, and CPI to show a drop in inflation?
  3. Hey there rickshaw, fancy meeting you here!

    You wouldn't happen to post over at OANDA too, would you? If not, please don't post there yet until I've had a chance to pump you for ideas myself first!
  4. Rickshaw, I went long on futures of EUR and JPY - 2 contracts. I think the dollar rally will do a short term reversal pretty soon.

    This has been ridiculous. I can't imagine a trade deficit this bad and dollar rallying in the face of the JPY and EUR even with the interest rate advantage of the USD
  5. Probably sideways range for 3 or more months. :D
  6. I will share my little secret with you, watch prices paid at the pump were ever you get gas. I pass by my local Exxon 5 days a week taking my kids to school. It is amazing how well this works. Metal prices have been stubborn though.
  7. No I do not post their.
  8. Do you go for straight directional moves, or do you hedge with negatively correlated pairs? Also, do you do any "gridding"?

    I've been finding the gridding to be especially useful.
  9. did you just make that up? seriously though, what's the model based on?
  10. Well that's pretty interesting. One thing though, the web site doesn't work with Mozilla Firefox, only Internet Explorer.
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