Getting it wrong is best for business

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JAGUARBONE, May 20, 2006.

  1. News Journalism use to be about the TRUTH.
    Truth of content was confirmed by multiple sources before the 'scoop' went to print - otherwise heads would roll from the embarrassment. Facts without opinion. Now it is all commentary and opinion packaged as FACTS.

    Thinking back, maybe it was somewhere around the Vietnam war period (late 60's - early 70's) the purpose and influence of the media began to morph into the now guiltless commentary media.

    Now if you say crap the media outlet accepts as "this is really good chit" to their editors politically - they run the BS story - it seems. Better to be FIRST and -maybe- ask for forgiveness on page 25A later, than to be the sloppy seconds or - any position after the first reporting outlet.

    Shit, get it really wrong - but super-juiced big time to the agenda that 'they' desire to toss benefit - and you get back slappin praise, preferred parking and a raise. Rewarded for being a player on the right side of an issue - and maybe taking some heat for the error.

    Why has reporting it first become so paramount over is it true & accurate, is a question in need of explanation.
    Care to speculate?

    Does a media source really get more FORD and Jockey advertisement contracts because it posts a story first? More ad $$ per sq. inch (or 15 second ad spot on the telly) cause "we were first again" ? Really?

    Does our culture now readily permit such incompetence or outright dishonestly because 'getting it right' just isn't as important if it promote one's personal parameters of how we want the world to be?

    Have we grown so tolerant and understanding to promotion of lies in general? Is this dangerously stupid - or a smart way to simpleton happiness?

    Our media IMO- can get fu@ked.
    Like the HUGE brew-ha-ha over the reporting of the Cheney hunting incident to the local yocal and the WH Press generating more ink initially over that issue than the facts of the incident. What a load of steaming dog squeeze.

    There is a reason why I pay only for the Sunday paper at a discounted rate - yet they toss a free Thurs, Fri, & Sat. fish wrapper on my driveway each week. Wonder why that is? No doubt with all the advertisements, the POS should be - outright free to the reader.