Getting Iran

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  1. Iran is a terrorist state which hates the American and Israeli way of life.

    Iran hates freedom, women's rights and democracy.

    Iran is developing nukes to destroy our major cities with.

    On this basis, we need to attack Iran NOW.
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    with what?
  3. ... an Iranian named Saeid Moradi

    ....hurled a second grenade at police, the bomb bounced off a tree. It exploded near Moradi and took off his legs.

    If this is any indicatiion, not too much to worry about with Nukes
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    We can't count on Karma to protect us every time. :D
  5. We need to punish Iran for this crime against humanity. At the very least, we need to nuke Tehran and privatize Iranian oil into the hands of our oil firms, like we did with Evil Saddam's oil in Iraq.

    We should hang the entire Iranian parliament for their supportt of terror against Israel, our cloest ally.

    God bless Israel and USA in the war on Islamic Terror
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    How about we nuke you first? See if our nukes work ok? :D
  7. You sound like a muzzie or at least a muzzie lover.

    Americans don't nuke eachother.
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    You sound like a genocidal maniac who enjoys the slaughter of innocents.

    You ought to be committed to a nut house.

    Either that, or I'll nuke your ass. Take your pick :D
  9. You sound like a muzzie-loving traitor.

    Iran is making nukes to kill us all.
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    You sound like a hill-billy retard who loves genocide.

    You need to be committed to a psych-ward and put on medication.
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