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  1. I wanted to get into some international ETF's for pure growth. Everytime I look at an ETF, I look at the chart and the past few sessions to see where they close. My limit orders never seem to get into them. Should I use a market order? I tend to NEVER use market orders, but then again, I've never been in an ETF before. Can someone with ETF experience please advise?
  2. If you are purchasing an ETF as a long-term investment with growth potential, purchasing at the market ensures you get into the ETF.

    If you are purchasing as a day trade, going market may not be best.

    Without more info on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, it's hard to say what is best.
  3. Grow up Forex.

    Anyway, back to the post. I want to start to investing outside of the USA via ETF's. I am already in funds in Russia and China; and they've been doing well. I want to get into Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia developing economies. Investment starting at 50k equally spread amongst four or five funds. Would hold at least for six months to a year; or until the ETF goes south. Would raise stop loss every so often to secure the gains.
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  5. In that case Comp, I would go in at the market. If holding for 6 mo's or more, that should have minimal impact on the end result but ensure you get in the trade.

    One thing to consider is maybe not going in at the market at the open. A trader friend of mine only goes in at the market at lunchtime b/c he said he has found that there is minimal slippage and 'issues' then. The catch is that if it ran up for the first few hours, you are now buying higher...