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  1. blange


    Is there a service out there that aggregates fundamental macroeconomic data and presents it in time-series format? For example, I'm looking for historical information on GDP, CPI, Capacity Utilization, Trade Deficits, Retail Sales, Non-farm payrolls, etc and also on sentiment indicators like the consumer confidence index or the UMich Sentiment Survey. Aggregating all of this on my own would be a pain. I'd rather pay for an existing solution.

  2. blange


    Additionally, are there any research firms or newsletters out there that produce really excellent macroeconomic summaries and forecasts?
  3. wouter


    If you are a fundamental trader a service like that might help you get more info but I can't see as a technical trader how the fundamental data allows one to make timely decisions. But that is what makes the market place interesting and the difference of all viewpoints is what makes the aggregate movement of the market place fascinating and unpreditable (sort of) the are plenty of pattern that repeat over and over again and those can be exploited better than any fundamental anaylsis in my humble opinion of course.
  4. Hi Brandon, here is a link to some websites that might have some of that information:
  5. blange


    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. To be clear, I'm not looking for websites with the data. I already know where to get most of it. It's just that I want to easily pull all of them into Excel or R or at least a single database for some statistical analysis. I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to make a macro or anything that does that. Any suggestions in that vein would be very helpful.
  6. Yeah ... I would like to see some type of aggregate index as well.
  7. I pull fundamental data for free from yahoo quotes... while using amiquote / amibroker
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    I don't know any place that provides such a service even for a fee. I am sure that if someone with the time and advanced knowledge in excel could do it easily. (Or You can use monthly charts DO IT!!!)