Getting fired?

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    So at work I get along with all my Directors and Executive Directors but my "Manager" and I are on not so great terms.

    I wind up doing a lot of projects for Senior Management and they are impressed and happy with the work. This usually takes time away from helping my manager with work and he is starting to show frustration.

    Is this a scenario for getting fired?

    My manager has a great relationship with our Dept Head but I also have a great relationship with one of our Directors.

    Anyone have any insight?
  2. Go elsewhere as quick as you can and while you have a chance. I'm speaking from many years of experience.
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    Sounds like your manager is a dick. He should know you can't say no to senior management. I'd probably try to talk to him explaining you sense his frustration but at the same time you have no choice but to comply with requests from above. If that doesn't yield results then the next step probably depends on your corporate culture. Is going over his head to bring the situation to his superiors attention considered worse than any potential improvement in the situation by doing so?
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    The mgr. is worried about "his" job and sees you as a threat and someone to be annihilated. Plan accordingly.
  5. Is going over his head to bring the situation to his superiors attention considered worse than any potential improvement in the situation by doing so?

    Don't do it. Remember management promoted him and if it come to choice, you are a goner. Management will conclude that you think that they are a part of the problem which they definitely are. But they probably will never admit it.
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    if leaving the company is not quite an option yet, think beyond working your normal hours and meet or exceed your managers expectations.

    document all your extra work via notes, emails, memos, etc.

    in a tough job market, you must be resilient!!

    if the writing is on the wall, request a personnel file discretely from human resources. negotiate the best severance package.

    good luck!
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    I agree - this manager has a lot of street cred with the firm and has been there for like 5 years so if it came down to it I agree - I'm an easy kill.

    Only question is would I get some severance for a little under 1 year of service. The firm's Senior Executive Director has good thoughts of my work but I can't fight the manager.......

    Gotta be smart - since I only need a few more months of salary in order to be a little more comfortable with my trading account
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    I agree. They like my work a lot but I'm not sure they like it more than they like my manager.

    He's kind of a lifer.

    I don't want to complain because it is counterproductive and only makes me look bad.

    I guess I just have to work my ass off for another 2-3 months and save up and look for another job at the same time.

    Shit sucks!
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    Any thoughts on severance?

    The firm is actually one of those firms extremely well-known for "home growing" their senior management and executives versus just recruiting laterals.

    As a reference, after just 6 months they gave me a 17% bonus in December -- which is fairly significant in my opinion and should be taken as a symbol of my contribution to the firm.

    I must say that recently, I got into a spate with another business division and am not allowed to communicate with them without cc'ing one of my directors.

    This firm and me are just not a good fit as you can tell.

    I just want to see how much I can squeeze from them b4 officially becoming a full-time trader
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    if you get called into the "office"- especially on a friday- well, be prepared.

    remain CCC. say little, listen well, take notes- if you are asked why you are taking notes, reply " i just want to make sure i understand everything you are saying"- even if you are told you will be given everything in writing.

    you will appear to be informed and will obviously be taken seriously. it is important not to display an aura of combativeness or retaliation.

    you will increase your chances of a good severance package if you are able to do the above.
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