Getting filled between the bid and the ask

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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and have what sounds to me like a stupid question. I've been trading silver futures through Mirus's demo package (NT + Zen-Fire) and have been scalping using limit orders at the current bid and ask prices (or lower/higher. either way.. not in between the spread). The contract's spread is typically one, two, or even three ticks during liquid hours. Today I saw an opportunity while the spread was sort of wide (39.59 bid and 39.605 ask) and decided to put in a buy limit order at 39.595. Surprisingly I was filled quickly. So can I chalk this up to simulator behavior or is it common to get filled between the bid and the ask?

    Thanks in advance for dealing with someone new to trading.
  2. Its the simulator behavior.

    but i mean, if this was a live account, you wouldnt even be inbetween the bid and ask, you would be the new best bid, you are the market!
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    I would also point towards simulator behavior, I've been noticing something similar when I try too enter markets using limit orders on a DEMO versus on a LIVE account.
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    Mr Adam Co;
    Question 1= maybe simulator, but real common to get filled split bid/ ask, especially on a buy order, if it pulls back[corrects] a bit:D LOL. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Wider the spread, more common to get filled splitting bid ask;
    frankly in real estate, auto....... I never pay the ask price, so always they split the bid ask with me.

    A strongly trending market[lots of ways to define that well] but few or NO shallow pullbacks, for a period , forget it[split /bid ask].........
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  5. Adam Co;
    Ps, assuming my data is correct, which it probably is. April 6 or 7th,........................ [day] limit order almost certainly would have gotten filled , since,with the low & or close price for both days is BELOW your price mentioned .