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  1. I'll get on the ball here soon.

    As I understand it, people are making the connection among annotating, logging and making money.

    You are also aware of the leading lagging nature of the markets variables. indicators, etc.

    This is called putting the peices together.

    in a nut shell, the mind gets built through several stages and arrives at unconscious competence.

    Over a five to six year period we laid out the learning sequence of doing the drills to build the mind.
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    Thanks, charts.

    I would like to summarize my understanding of the mutation of bars here. The mutation of a bar reflects the sub fast fractal moves. Only the three cases of translations, outside bars and stitches establishe a continuation or change of trend. The other six cases could not establish trend. YM shows the sub fast fractal moves in more details and it leads ES sufficiently. When I see the trendy cases in YM, I could anticipate what will follow in ES.
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  3. While working on "overlap" I went back to this thread because I remembered that Jack already started to mention it here (or something similar).

    I had to let this thread go at the end because of my workload in my day job but I always kept "a note in the back of my head" to come back and look at some of those drills that Jack "suggested/asked".

    The problem at that time was that he posted so many of them in a successive order that I couldn't follow anymore. Before I had even UNDERSTOOD one of them there were already 10 more waiting for me. You know what happens to people with information and work overload? B U R N O U T. The rubber smoked the last remaining brain cells.

    I will have a look again and see how I can AT LEAST finish one of them (which one first). I will post as time permits.

    Enclosed you will find a list of those drills.... drill.... DRILL.... DRRRIIILLL!!! :)
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