Getting data via excel though

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  1. any clue on how to do this?

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    data tab, from web
  3. what is that?
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  6. cant be done, move along
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    It CAN be done... just not with yahoo. I use MSN data as an add-in for excel. It is a file named "msnsq.exe". Do a Google search for it. I know that MS no longer supports it and so it is hard to find. I can not post the file here because it is an .exe file as the add in. I will see if I can make it into a zip file later today and post here.

    The add-in will allow you to have basic price data is delayed about 15 min. if I'm not mistaken. It is useful for my trading spreadsheet when I want to know the "realtime" value of my open trades, or price of trades that I may have exited.
  8. I hope I can earn some nerd points here: You can use the "Link to External Data" command to link to the HTML table on a yahoo - finance page. I've got OpenOffice, but it should pretty much be the same steps.

    1. Go to, look up quotes for something, then click "Historical Prices"
    2. the url should be something like:
    3. Excel - Insert > Link to External Data ...
    4. Dialog pops up, asking for url (to web page or local file)
    5. paste in url from step 2
    (5a. may have to click a couple of the other buttons on the dialog to get it to scan the page)
    6. Look for the name of the of the historical prices table (for me, it was "HTML 15"; you might have to do some trial and error to find the right table)
    7. Hit ok, then it should pop into the Excel page

    OpenOffice gives me a box to tell how often to update the data. It will dynamically link to the data, so the data in your file will update with the data from the site. If you want to save the data you see, I think you have to figure out how to copy and paste (Special) only the values.

    Also -- on my OpenOffice, it has a couple of fields to detect special characters. You may have to do that so it recognizes dates as dates; otherwise, it may just import them as strings.

    Hope that helps and you can get your desired data, I'd be interested to know if that helps you out.

    Not just yahoo -- I'm fairly sure you can do this from any html page with a table.
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  10. 3. At the bottom, click "Download to Spreadsheet"
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