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  1. "It is apparent that the public preference for stocks is not only as marked as ever, but also, the will to speculate is still a speculative factor not to be overlooked. The prompt return of huge speculation and the liberal manner in which current earnings are again being discounted indicates that it will be difficult to quench the fires of stock market speculation for long."

    Well, maybe not that long. This quote came from "The Trader" column in Barron's, published on March 24, 1930. The high of that bear market rally was less than a month later, on April 17, from which the stock market plunged for the next 18 months to its ultimate lows.

    taken from an article by Bill Fleckenstein.
  2. I still think we have another 50-100 pts upside in the SPX, after that it could be scary.
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    Check out this link to see the insanely shortage of Bearish sentiment: We are at levels not even seen during the height of the Bubble.
    I am really looking forward (when, I don't know) to trade some large intraday down moves.
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  5. When Fleck gets worried he may be wrong, that's the top.