Getting Close

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by oldtime, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. It's getting close. And I have this old Protestant upbringing that says if you aren't in the market you aren't really working.

    Man I don't know, Aud has gone down, Cad has gone up, can it go any further?

    Everybody knows Bernanke is trashing the dollar, but where else do you go?

    Eur always wants to go up because they are no better than a French Poodle in a dog show, but they know they need to go down to survive (or as they call it, compete)

    good time to be a technical chop trader.

    Let the big trend traders make all their big money, I've already made mine.

    I'm just going to think small for a while. It's the Protestant thing to do.
  2. I wonder what a catholic/orthodox/jew/muslim would do?
    this could be a different form of TA.....:p
    Theological Analysis that is.
  3. when the shit comes, it's important to be close in your mind to religion and know what you believe.

    That's why I am converting to short term chop TA.

    I have until Christmas to reconsider,

    nobody's gonna mind if I miss Hanukah

    my kids are already grown and raised

    and adults don't celebrate it anyway, and we never did until they started complaining about not getting gifts

    I don't know, you do what you want, but I'm going to be just like a Christian who doesn't think he deserves very much, because that is what I think the market is going to give me from here until what you call the "Holidays"