Getting close to 100,000 members

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  1. Getting close to 100,000 members
  2. 98,732 Members and Growing!
  3. jhithers


    30% are one guy who keeps signing up to bash JH.

    note - I am neither a supporter or detractor of JH...just sick of seeing all the threads.
  4. another 30% who bashed israel
  5. there is a large diff between 100,000 members, and the fact that most are no longer here.

    And a few aliases

    I would be interested in "#members who have posted in the last 5 months and have more than 4 total posts"
  6. I can personally attest to the fact that there are 16 real live posting members in bad standing.
  7. There are maybe 1500 individual live people registered here.....maybe
  8. NazSpaz


    I can tell you this, I will be the 100,000th member. I already have 'Mr. 100K' cued up and ready to send right when I see it hit 99,999 members. That will be my new name, the movie rights will also be for sale for $100K. :D

  9. LOL
  10. Agreed. But with the massive, and I mean absolutely MASSIVE layoffs on Wallstreet about to happen, these numbers are going to get large....REAL LARGE.
    Average Salary on Wallstreet last year: $ 387,000 ...
    and that's only AVERAGE.
    Where are these people going to have a chance to make even one-fifth of this kind of salary ?
    (if they're good)
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