Getting back to a normal sleep cycle?

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    So I've had the misfortune of working Asian hours for the last year and a half (markets open at 7 and close at 2-3am). Finally, after a bunch of dry-fires, I have picked up a junior monkey who is going to take over the night shift (*).

    The only problem is that I seem to have a problem switching back to the normal cycle. I end up staying awake, answering emails, writing code, thinking about ideas - anything but falling asleep. I tried the old hacker wrap-around, when you force yourself to wake up at a normal time so you tired by the time you go to bed. Did not work, I slept from 10 to 7 the first night, but next night I was back to 3:30 asleep-time. So, what do I do? I am sure people who work irregular hours (pilots? nurses?) have hacked this problem successfully.

    * oddly enough, she likes the whole upside-down day because it lets her do some arts-related stuff during the day
  2. Its unrealistic to expect results after 2 nights regardless of method. Whenever i need to reset my sleep cycle i find it best to do it the natural way. Just take melatonin and let your body adjust on its own.
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  3. I recall the times that I had a jetlag due to intercontinental travel (oh, the joy of business trips...). The rule of thumb seems to be that your body can adjust about 2 hours per day. In other words: if you cross 8 time zones your body would need four days to adjust to the new time zone.
    Of course, during those days that you're adjusting should you not start to do your activities which you were doing when you were doing "night shifts". When you can't sleep try to do things which don't activate/stimulate the brain or the body. For example: read a book (preferably a boring one), take a long shower (taking a bath is even better).
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    Using an app like f.lux keeps the blue light at bay. It helps a lot if you work on computers late.
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    Take a hot bath, red wine and ambient with Elon. :)

    But seriously, light dinner before 7 pm, maybe an evening walk and lukewarm milk before bed. Sex optional, but advised. No computing in bed!

    Melatonin or Valerian are mild supplements or you can knock yourself out with Benadryl. (not advised for long term use)
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    I've been taking benadryl nightly for years and haven't experienced any negative side effects that I know of.
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    FUUuuuuck no. :D
    I don't put anything in my body unless it comes from somebody with deep pockets I can sue.
    That shit could have pesticides on it for all I know. No thank you.
    I only know about it because its on fire right now with the Millenials and people in college towns are making huge bucks selling it at incredible mark-ups. Mom and pop head shops are buying it for next to nothing and selling it for $10/oz. Recovering opiod addicts are buying it like its the solution to all their woes. I know several people who do use it. Nothing wrong with it.... I just don't trust shit from Malaysia that comes in baggies unless I buy it at Wally-World.
    That being said... I have heard its incredible. Pekolo here has some threads on it.
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