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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by goblue50, Jun 25, 2011.

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    I left the trading world in 2008 and am now coming back into the game. Why? i dont know but that is a question for another thread.

    What can i expect my rate to be..say i trade at least 1 million shares a month and am willing to put up my own capital.. Where should i be?
  2. It is as simple as looking at the statistics from your proven, reliable, and thoroughly tested method.

    You have one right?
  3. I think he meant payout rates. Anywhere from 30-70% and 20 cents/1000 shares / 200$ - $400 Desk fees to 80% -100% 3$/1000 0-400$ desk fee.
  4. Oh ok , my misunderstanding.
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    desk fees for remote traders also?

    what kind of intraday leverage can I get with say 25k up?
  6. Not much has changed. call a few firms to get some facts. better off.
  7. desk fee= software fee.

    25k intraday should be unlimited at most places.
  8. not appropriate time you`ve chosen