Getting back in the game - need advice

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  1. After several years away from trading, I am looking to get back into the game. Are there any prop firms out there that have no money up deals? I in South Jersey/Philly area. Traded mostly equities for 13 years and some futures. Thanks in advance for the the help.
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  3. HAHAHA - i hope everyone on here is not like the douche bag you come off as - NOW dick head let's compare P&L's :) I still trade my IRA on a daily basis - and as i said before I traded for 13 years as specialist and on a desk - and you don't trade for 13 years at a firm and not be profitable - READ THE POSTS before you come off like such an asshole - so all kidding aside and i really do hope you take this offer - i would love to see your 100 lots and making or losing 250/300/day - so let's do it you big swinging DICKHEAD :)
  4. whenever you are ready to post statements and daily P&L's let me know

    Good Trading Cum Dumpster
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    You will not find a prop firm that will fully back traders. They will be doubly suspicious of you, in fact, if you've traded for 13 years and do not want to risk your capital like the rest of the trading world.

    No offense; that's just reality of the business. You do not take risks on people who likely have ingrained habits and are unwilling to put their capital on the line in good faith.
  6. You might be very experienced and one of the best traders on the board.

    But logically your post doesn't make sense and no one is going to go for it ... it's just too easy to make money in the game if you have a nice system, good discipline and aren't a greedy pig, so a no money down deal stinks to high hell in a game where you trust the results only, not the person.

    Whatever the case may be, good luck.
  7. LOL, stop beating up on the new members. :D

    They'll leave and then we'll have noone interesting to talk to.
  8. New - this TOOL just registered MAY 2008 - :) sometimes medical issues get in the way of one's life and finances - no reason to elaborate to this cocksucking 100 lot trader - but the offer still stands - my acct balance versus yours - posted on this board and we show daily P&L's - begging for you to accept
  9. Actually he's been around for the last three years, that's just his new alias.

    To the point: You're posting off topic on your own thread. If you want to get back to the point maybe there is someone here who can provide you with some assitance.

    Well, good luck man.