Getting a trading partner?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by blackbeard, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Years ago (back when I knew little) I had a trading partner. We both had something that we brought to the table. Even though we made little (both newbies), it helped my trading IMO. I now have the education and would like to find a new partner. I don't want to trade "prop" but would like a partner type relationship. I can bring knowledge, time etc... Is this something anyone would be interested in? If interested at all, please PM me.
  2. It would help if you stated what you trade, your trading style and timeframe.
  3. Yohoo, I trade futures, but am open to most anything. Actually someone who trades something else could also work. Would give trading a different aspect IMO. I trade mostly intraday, but would be interested in longer term also. I'm pretty well versed.
  4. My suggestion for blackbeard and anyone else who is interested in this kind of relationship is to download the free standalone EChat from Ensign (unless you use Ensign - then it's part of the software)...

    This will allow you to...

    1. Post your charts regardless of what software you are using. Other traders in EChat can see your work and thus trading relationships can begin.

    2.You can see other traders charts and identify those traders who would compliment your own work.

    I am part of a group of 5 traders who came together as a result of meeting in this way. We all knew what each other could bring to the table and it's been a very fruitful relationship over the past few years.

    EChat has many rooms with different markets and styles so I expect you'd fine something of interest. I'd suggest you start with the bline room and chat with Buffy. Tell her rabbit sent you - that's my Ensign ID.
  5. yoohoo, Thanks for the reply.

    The only problem is I'm pretty "low key" with my methodology. I'd prefer a pretty tight relationship with one or two people. I'm not afraid of people using my stuff, rather it's a habit I was taught by my father and I feel more comfortable with. Loose lips, sink ships.
  6. I assume you're looking for a net based trading partner, rather than sharing a physical office?
  7. yea I understand blackbeard. But you can still use it to identify the trader/s whose style compliments yours and pm them. That way you are not talking with traders that you later find have nothing to offer that enhances what you do.