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  1. Whatever they teach you in school about the Fed and how this wonderful flawless central bank system works is bunch of hogwash and propaganda. I been there, I remember. What is important is the money supply studies, as obscure as they were. But then, Fed doesn't publish M3 anymore, although the data is available.

    Wall Street is so obsessed with Fed Funds rate when in reality it is more smoke & mirrors than anything. But trader & investor sentiment has been conditioned to react to this number and ignore the real picture, or even bother to understand how it really works. So that should be your edge and key selling point, the analysis & studies of the Fed interest rate.

    Keep doing what you are doing, like I said, if you like forecasting & analyzing Fed actions & interest rates, credit derivative trading is right up your alley. Educate yourself on trading spreads, I think that would make a good impression on most of the firms since that is most of their activity.
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    Thanks for the advice. Could elaborate further on the trading spreads stuff? I've heard of them, but am not exactly sure what they are. I would also like to hear more about the monetary flaws you're talking about. My email address is ( Thanks.
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    Yeah, I mean the money supply and the interest rate fluctuation has a direct relationship (IS-LM from Keyensian model). Just curious. Why do you think that the stuff that one learns in school is rubbish?

    Can you discuss more about the trading speads? Just basic ideas of them.
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