Getting a trading job with a criminal record - possible?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by theguest666, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I have an Ivy League degree but I've got some misdemeanors on my rap sheet.. like getting arrested and fined for possession of marijuana, solicitation of a prostitute, and unauthorized access of WiFi networks within the last 3 years. I've also been trading fairly successfully myself.

    If I apply to a prop firm, will my criminal record pose a significant deterrence to being hired? Sorry, I can't give too many details of my background here.
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    Unauthorized use of WIFI....and they let you out?

    Howe did you manage to get arrested for that?
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    LOL... Even a prison would not want you for this type of criminal activity, so a prop firm...
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    Those things aren't illegal - are they? Next they'll make eating illegal. :D
  5. This is a troll post, but in the event it isn't -- wtf? Unauthorized access of wifi networks??
  6. Sounds like an average Friday night for me. Legally, I don't think you have to list misdemeanors but you might want to anyway, just so they know what type of guy they're hiring. You should fit right in with the rest of the screw balls working for them so don't sweat it.
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    If you have to get the 7, FINRA may give you some heat when you disclose these issues on your U-4. They cetainly won't deny you the Series 7 for these offenseses, though. As long as you disclose this stuff to your employer then it shouldn't be a problem. If FINRA barred everyone who got caught picking up a prostitute while hanging out with mr smokey smoke, then there would probably be far less registered reps and thus no FINRA.
  8. Consider obtaining a felony conviction. You and your cellmate could then set up a cigarette trading bucket shop! (g)
  9. I thought these were requirements to be a Trader. You mean to tell they are crimes??
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    He should move to Europe where they are practically a career requirement :D
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