Getting a McJob ain't easy

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  1. On April 19th, McDonald's launched its first-ever national hiring day, signing up 62,000 new workers at stores throughout the country. For some context, that's more jobs created by one company in a single day than the net job creation of the entire US economy in 2009. And if that boggles the mind, consider how many workers applied to local McDonald's franchises that day and left empty-handed: 938,000 of them. With a 6.2% acceptance rate in its spring hiring blitz, McDonald's was more selective than the Princeton, Stanford, or Yale University admission offices.
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  3. Yeah I'm a little surprised they let bearice work immediately after his release from the mental institution.
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    Thats infuckingsane, 938,000 turned away, what does that tell you when nearly 1 MILLION people are looking for a job at mcdonalds, this is a really sad economy were in today, yet no one believes it!!!!
  7. You are right. About 1 MILLION people are looked for a job at mcdonalds on that 1 day.

    If you are over 30 and w/o fast food experience, your chance of getting a job is not good.

    And even if you do get a job, it is not likely you can live on your own - except in your van or truck.
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    You recently applied? Try Walmart as it seems to employ older workers for greeters.
  9. There is nothing wrong with working at Mcdonalds.

    People going out there day after day working minimum wage are the backbone of society and deserve far more respect then a lot of other jobs held in higher regard by most.
  10. Sheila Bair (FDIC).

    “Eventually, I’d like to transition to a real job again, maybe something in the non-profit sector.”

    Uh huh..Uh huh.... A "real job"....:D
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