Getting a job off of Craigslist

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by michaelscott, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. I didnt think that Craigslist was a serious forum for trading jobs until I started looking today. Even is looking for people on Craigslist. Hmmmm. Does anyone have any feedback on jobs that are listed on Craigslist?

    I buy used furniture and other stuff like that from Craigslist. I never thought about an actual serious job from there.
  2. craisglist is for f@gs
  3. Haha. The only reply to my thread is from a disruptive individual on my ignore list. Im serious. I went through the NYC Craigslist last night and noticed a lot of hedge funds advertise there. Quite a few prop firms. The TheStreet.Com job appears interesting and would probably be an interesting place to work.
  4. Is that a defense? You're defending your best resource? :p
  5. chapper


    I found a few reputable positions on the charlotte, NC site. One was for a support position for the fixed income trading group working directly with traders. The recruiter was out of manhattan. Usually there isn't much though... typical IT stuff, maybe a prop position or two.
  6. I've found a lot of good jobs off of craigslist. Got two of them through there. Honestly it's better than the big recruiting websites because its free and it allows smaller companies to post there. Just be careful that you know who you are sending your information to.
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    The only job I would get from CL is a BJ.
    I am sure The OP feels right at home on there.

    el surdo
  8. I wondered how long it was going to take for someone to refer to the 'services' benefit of CL.....