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    Does anybody have any information on Getco at the CBOT? Comments on working for or with them, etc.?
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    they are quite big in the fx arena (globex) and do a lot of automated trading. no idea about their activities on cbot.
  3. Getco is absolutely huge, they probably do in the neighborhood of 800M-1B shares a month, all automated. They are probably near the top largest liquidity provider on ARCA. They are very hard to get into, they probably interview 50-100 people before they hire one.

    Oops, I said "a day", edited. sorry.
  4. Why don't these guys have a website?
  5. i heard they were a futs firm....why would they be at the cbot if 'shares' were their focus??? makes no sense... i actually heard they were more discretionary than automated....and focused on treasuries...thats heresay, but was supposedly first hand...but yeah, im interested too
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    I was at a CME event where they were giving a talk.

    Although they didn't go into specifics, they do seem to take the automated approach. My guess is that if you are generating trades from data inputs, the models could be applicable to shares, futures and everything else that is electronic.

    I have the feeling they mentioned arbing between cash and futures (Globex/CME and EBS) at that particular event, but that could have been one of the other prop groups there.

    They have no web site because they have no need for one. Companies like this try and avoid publicity, not attract it (Afterall - who wants some Bloomberg toerag calling you trying to peddle some silly proprietary analysis tool you have no need for???).
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    they're mostly automated, all in house, and probabyl trade closer to 2 bil shares a month than one. Getco LLC.

    I'm sure they're up there in terms of liquidity providers, but not at the top. Nasdaq website now releasing a monthly list of leading liquidity providers, an interesting list, inclused nasdaq, brut and inet.

    It's under trader news, I think....

    as far as a website, I think you're right, but not having one isn't exactly for lack of publicity, these days. Sometimes better to have one to handle the incoming round of weird phone calls, etc.
  8. They do alot more than 2 billion shares a month and trade just about any market that fits their models. They're all automated and have traders/programmers monitoring the strategies. Very sucessful group, and good guys. Don't need a website or advertising since their algos work great...why advertise what you're doing?

  9. so the unemployed can solicit employment.

    No really, you're right it's a sign they know what they're doing.
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    I wonder if their phone number is listed?
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