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  1. Does anyone have working contact info for HR at Getco? I'd like to send my resume but their mailbox is full and it bounces back from They might not be aware that it's full but it has been for at least a week now.

  2. if you go to the website you can probably look up their phone number...On the other hand...if this firm is not professional enough to handle e-mail management...Im guessing trading strategies may be WAAAyyyyy out of their league ....think about it? If they don;t have enough technology to handle an e-mail, why would you want to learn how to use trading sysytems with them? Kind of like taking accounting lessons from WCOM
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    Too friggin funny. Getco does about 20% of the volume on just about every exchange you know about. Not only that, they are one of the most sophisticated entities on the planet from the point of view of trading quantitative strategies profitably.

    The reason they don't want your email is otherwise they would have to hire 20 people on staff just to keep up with resumes.

  4. Nitro is correct ;p
  5. ....I see we didn;t take our funny pill today???? Sorry to mix a little sarcasm in today....
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    Oh, sorry :(

  7. lol. too right. I know someone who's seen the inside of one of their trading machine rooms... a surprisingly big room with a surprisingly small number of isolated racks.
  8. I digged up a number for them and told them about it.

    What kind of kung fu are they using to do 20% of exchange volume? That doesn't sound feasible.
  9. Hey, while in NO way comparing the two, Just remember that HLV trading was once touting the same types of numbers:D