Get your will ready if flying Airbus

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  1. still trust incompetent European engineering? LOL

    March 8, 2012 9:01 pm
    Emirates berates Airbus over superjumbo cracks
    By Andrew Parker in London and James Boxell in Paris

    Emirates Airline, the world’s largest operator of Airbus’s A380 superjumbo, has lambasted the aircraft maker and plans to seek compensation after complaining of widespread disruption to the carrier following the discovery of wing cracks on the jet.
    Emirates is having to temporarily ground all of its 21 superjumbos – six at any one time – while the wing cracks are fixed.

    Airbus has suffered acute embarrassment and angered some of its customers following the discovery of two types of cracks on a L-shaped bracket that connects the A380 wing skin to its internal structure.

    Regulators last month ordered airlines to carry out inspections of all A380s once they have completed 1,300 flights after concluding the cracks could compromise the aircraft’s structural integrity.

    Singapore Airlines , the first carrier to operate the A380 back in 2007, has found cracks on all 10 superjumbos that it has inspected so far. Air France, the first European carrier to operate the A380, is inspecting one superjumbo.

    UPDATE 1-Boeing dwarfs Airbus orders in Jan-Feb

    * Airbus sold 97 aircraft, Boeing 387 in Jan-Feb

    European planemaker Airbus reshuffled its order book but sold no previously unassigned aircraft in February and remains well behind Boeing since the start of the year, company data showed on Friday.
  2. Get ready for the European self centered trolls to flame this thread and Boeing like it was the star of david in iran.............
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    I won't get on an airbus since that guy kicked full rudder through some light wake turbulence and lost his entire vertical stabilizer over Jamaica Bay subsequently crashing in Queens and killing all aboard and some people in their homes.

    You can't break a Boeing aircraft from its controls. There is nothing you can do with stick, rudder and throttles to structurally break them short of nosediving into terra firma.

    Besides, Airbus planes make all kinds of weird un-Boeing like sounds. Most disconcerting. I just don't fly them and my employer has figured out that if they book me on an airbus I won't be making the trip. Simple.

  4. Here's my personal favorie for ya!

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    When none of the landing gear deploy, you know you're flying on a Boeing! :)
  6. I prefer Boeing too. They have the best reputation. I think the 747 is the most successful plane and will be for the next twenty years.
  7. Dreamliner looks like beautiful aerospace engineering.

    Airbus is a failure, financed by corrupt European officials to produce inferior aeronautical engineering.

    Boeing's superior in every way, except that they can't obtain government financing at artifically low rates like Airbus and every Chinese GSE.

    Despite the inferior engineering, the only thing that keeps Airbus going is nationalist bureaucracy that prevents its failure as with the Euro.
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    Except you forgot that Boeing has every kind of tax break imaginable which in effect is the same as a subsidy. This has been in every imaginable news source by now so you should spend your time reading instead of spewing BS. This has also been the ruling of WTO.
    Airbus A330 is an amazing airplane, therefore the popularity. You should also check how many orders A320neo has received.
    Boeing has made some nice planes, like the 777. Dreamliner has been a partial failure simply because of the ridiculous delays, same goes for A380 and the various problems.

    Got to love how many uninformed patriotic morons frequent ET.
  9. Or how delusional eurotrash is about their engineering capabilities.

    Cracks in the airbus jumbos are way more dangerous than any delay caused by strikes ever could be. The cracks mean Airbus not only has inferior technological engineering in aerospace but they also have manufacturing problems. Most would call this, A "Tuesday's Help" problem, and it's not an issue for Boeing even if they do have to contend with dissatisfied employees. That's not even as big a problem as finding cracks immediately after production.

    That much is certain by this article.

    Strikes are not delays caused by technological inefficiency, and I doubt we'll ever hear of Boeing jumbo's cracking their fuselage two years after production.

    Inexcusable if you ask me. They should seek a refund. Structural Fuselage Cracks are typically the most common warning in airplanes prior to a crash.

    <b>Indeed! Get your will ready if flying Airbus!</b>
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    Meet bwolinsky, our resident aviation engineering expert.
    He was the world's best system trader (self acclaimed of course), now he'll ace aviation engineering!

    The cracks were fixed, it's as simple as that. Emirates is just trying to get financially rewarded as they see this as a great chance, wise on their part.
    What strikes are you talking about, Boeing had to redesign large parts of the airliner around the time the date for first deliveries had passed. The delivery dates were pushed forward how many times? 2? 3? 4?
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