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  1. 'No More Pot for Amsterdam Tourists' by The Mark Newsroom

    First Posted: Dec 18 2011 11:40 AM Updated: about 1 hour ago
    "Foreigners in the Netherlands will be banned from purchasing marijuana and
    hashish at "coffee shops."
    The Netherlands will soon be free of tourists stoned out of their gourd. The Dutch
    government, led by the Christian Democrats, has announced that tourists will no
    longer be permitted to buy marijuana or hashish in coffee shops across the
    country. Starting in May, three southern provinces will limit sales to local
    residents, and the rest of the country (including Amsterdam) will ban the sale of
    drugs to tourists by January 2013. The move is reputedly a response to public
    health issues and concerns about gang-violence. The 223 Amsterdam “coffee
    shops,” which draw about a million tourists annually, will have to register up to
    2,000 members at each location who are allowed to buy marijuana or hashish."
  2. Lucrum


    Does this imply that allowing drug use doesn't work out so well?
    Or maybe that only locals can hold their <s>liquor</s> drugs so to speak?
  3. It works just fine in Netherland.
    The problem is that tourists are buying it and transporting it back to their countries in which the drugs are illegal.
  4. Really unfortunate. There is no other place to get it now so most of those tourists will flock to California, which will be the first state to commercialize pot in all likelihood 2012.
  5. The Netherlands tourism industry is going to take a serious hit.