Get your puts and calls ready Attack on Iran March 7-8 ON PURIM

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  1. OIL UP
    DOLLAR UP then DOWN big time
    VIX UP
    Market unknown, since FED and ECB might hold it artificially from collapsing.

    I am about to be famous on this site and who knows maybe further on. Live and learn and protect your portfolio. Purim is a Jewish holiday however this is not an ordinary holiday.

    Purim is celebrated deeply and silently by Israeli elite. It falls on March 7-8, 2012.

    Last year the "Libya campaign" began on purim

    Both of the Iraq wars began on purim

    More details on War with Iran in this thread

    PURIM celebration of death and revenge
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    If you are wrong on this call will you give me my money back :)
  3. I hope we attack Iran soon. Good post.
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    The world would be better off if intelligence was insurance against ignorance. Sadly, that's not the case. :(
  5. Gee, I was hoping we'd get out of the ME and leave them to killing each other. (You know, like they have for centuries.... before we started poking our nose into everybody's business.)
  6. You must be well positioned multi-cars in CL?
  7. Our politicians do what they are told :cool:
    Nothing more nothing less.
  8. clock is ticking you men of honor ...not :D
    if you won't buy calls and puts you should at least keep your finger on the trigger. This purim stuff is for real.

    And you thought rich people believe in nothing else but money, no, they are into cults
  9. Obama has asked Israel to wait till after the election.
  10. Obama has asked? Obama has requested?

    So Obama or other Americans don't really control America? Is that what you are saying? Just giving you hard time. We all know Obama is not in charge and neither was Bush

    As for Obama asked Israel to wait. Wrong, War will go as scheduled. Everything else is just psy-op games designed to make war seem forced upon us rather than chosen

    Massive US Military Buildup on Two Strategic Islands: Socotra and Masirah close to Iran is but one sign out of 10 that war is preselected and noterized if you will

    this is an exclusive article and can be purchased I purchased it, I can't post it
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